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As an only child, with both parents constantly working, I was lonely. Caring this feeling into adulthood, I sought to fill the loneliness I felt inside with many external things. My favorite time would be the weekends because on those nights, I would be assured that I would find some event that would make me feel full, loved, appreciated and present.

This was me three years ago. At the time I thought the remedy to the big hole of loneliness that often consumed my being would be filled by something or someone else. I couldn’t be more WRONG! Fortunately, I found the cure and now I always feel full! What did I do?

I STARTED TO MEDITATE! Through meditation I began to dive inside and what I discovered was Great Love. This love, light and feeling of wholeness I found while meditating led me to realize that all solutions to problems lie within me.

I had a BIG issue with loneliness and meditating cured it. This practice of sitting silently and connecting with myself, the Universe, Source Energy has brought about the understanding that there is nothing out there. Let me repeat these words healing words again: THERE IS NOTHING OUT THERE. All the holes one needs to fill can never be fully remedied with an external thing. It is because all of reality is created within you. Our outer world is a reflection of our inner state.

It is truly the practice of going within self that allows for this healing to occur. Thanks to this practice, I live FREE AND FULL – I AM SUPPLIED BY THE INFINITE WELL OF NOURISHMENT FROM WITHIN AND I ENTER INTO THE WORLD FROM A PLACE OF REAL NON-ATTACHMENT. How would your life look different if you didn't seek to find your wholeness, your approval, your joy for something out there?



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