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Kai Chi Do is a self-care method, usually performed in a group, that combines

movement, breath, music, and meditation to restore a sense of emotional balance and wellbeing. The mental health benefits of self care methods such as exercise, yoga, and meditation are well documented. They help to relieve depression and anxiety, and can even provide relief from chronic pain.

Kai Chi Do combines aerobic movement, breathwork, and meditation to combine and amplify the benefits of each. It has the additional benefit of building a collaborative momentum and cohesion among group participants, increasing individual participant’s awareness of the feelings of others as well as themselves. This capacity to connect with others goes beyond communication skills and is vital to successful everyday living.

EFFECTIVENESS: For over ten years Kai Chi Do has been a part of the services offered at a

nationally accredited treatment program for substance abuse and mental health disorders. It is consistently rated by clients as one of the most valuable components of their treatment. They’ve called it “life changing.” One client wrote that on a scale of 1-100, where 100=excellent, Kai Chi Do is a 180.

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For Biana and many people around the world who practice Kai Chi Do, it is one of the best parts of their day. Since its invocation in the 1970’s, Kai Chi Do has helped bring profound transformation and healing into the lives of thousands. In 2007 Biana began training with the founder of the Kai Chi Do practice, Charles Robinson, after experiencing the immense mysticism the metaphysical workout brought into her life. As one of the first Certified Instructors of this enchanting practice, for years now, Biana has been holding numerous Chi Circles and offering support to new Kai Chi Do instructors emerging across the globe.

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