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Biana is the founder and president of Oneness Center Inc., an event production company that specializes in healing and empowerment events.

Oneness Center's mission is to create events to ignite and nourish the innate capacity for genius and creativity in each person. Through producing conscious raising events, Oneness Center hopes to foster the environment for the awakening of a collective consciousness whose vision is to catalyze the evolutionary path to activate our highest shared human potential.


In 2010, Biana founded Oneness Awakening Meet-up group in Illinois. Since then hundreds of people in the midwest joined the oneness community whose mission is to support the personal and spiritual growth of ourselves, our families, our communities, and our world. The Illinois oneness community is part of a global oneness community whose passionate vision is to raise humanity's consciousness and awareness for personal and collective growth.


To learn more or to join us at our next event and experience a oneness meditation  for yourself, please visit:

To learn more about Oneness University and the global oneness community, please visit:

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