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the challenge because that's where you'll find your alchemy.


All that you have to offer moment to moment is that which you've cultivated within.


"Be the change you want to see in the world." - Ghandi


I fought all of my life against complacency. Stagnation leads to deterioration. I've smelled the stench of a stagnant life on myself when after completing...   ---->>  




Biana is a master teacher and facilitator of deep, transformational processes.  She is a genius at creating a safe space for people to face their shadows and fears, and move through them.  I am such a true fan of Biana that whenever she says to me, "Hey, check this out" ... or, "Mark, you should do this!"  I'm  there.  I don't even have to ask.  Biana is seriously the best of the best!  


-Mark Anthony Lord, Author, Speaker, Minister



 Biana has been an inspiration to me personally, on so many levels.  I have had the opportunity and privilege to call Biana my brilliant teacher and mentor.  I am deeply grateful for the relationship we’ve cultivated over the years. She inspires me to be a better ME!  

 I have witnessed her  "in action" more times than I can count.  She’s a catalyst and a collaborator for big visions, not just for herself but for the world at large.   Biana is a woman of her word. She walks her talk with integrity, consciousness and an abundantly generous heart.  


  - Savita J,  LMT,  Stress Management Specialist and Intuitive Coach 

Little did I know the first time I met Biana, that she would inspire in me a true transformation of the life I was leading at that time.  Her radiant, welcoming presence, along with a powerful ability to ground her vision, invites both expansion and joy. Biana is a natural leader and teacher, with a wise and beautiful heart.


- Paula Rosenfeld,  shamanic healer and author of The Oneness Blessing



The quality of our life is guideded by the quality of our relationships.

I have come to understand that no matter where I am, the only thing I am ever experiencing is my state of consciousness.

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